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Ink and Toner

We at Hoboken Tech Solutions are proud to carry inexpensive, high-quality ink and toner cartridges for all major printers, such as Canon, Brother, Xerox, HP, Epson, Dell, Lexmark, Kodak and more. Please call today for a price quote.

When you buy ink and toner cartridges from Hoboken Tech Solutions, they carry a 100% performance guarantee. That means if a cartridge does not provide quality and print yield equal to or higher than an OEM cartridge, or is not compatible with your printer, we will replace it free of charge and do our very best to find you the optimal cartridge for your printing needs.

Comparable Price Savings (Remanufactured Black/Color Canon PGI-225 4/Pack):

Staples: $48.49
Cartridge World: $43.99
Hoboken Tech Solutions: $31.96!


Why should I buy Hoboken Tech Solutions cartridges?

– From the beginning, the cartridges we sell are designed and produced by professionals to meet or exceed OEM performance in all categories.
– We use our expertise in cartridges to deliver products with consistently high quality and reject all unsatisfactory cartridges.
– Full performance audits are conducted during production, including print quality and longevity to verify that you are receiving the highest quality of product possible.

As a result, our cartridge return rate is one of the lowest in the industry.

Do cartridges manufactured by a company that is not my machine’s OEM void my warranty?

As long as the cartridge you have purchased is compatible with the machine, it will not automatically void the warranty, due to the fact that ink and toner cartridges are consumer replaceable units. All cartridges purchased at Hoboken Tech Solutions are 100% guaranteed to be compatible with your machine, and we will replace any cartridge that is deemed incompatible free of charge.

How many times will I able to print with my new cartridge?

The performance of any specific cartridge will vary depending on the amount of ink or toner required for a certain page, and the total capacity of the cartridge. For example, when printing full-page and full-color graphics, you will be able to print fewer pages per each cartridge than if you were to print text only, e.g. a typical business letter. This is true regardless of the manufacturer of the cartridge, simply due to the technology at work in your machine. Despite this fact, cartridges purchased at Hoboken Tech Solutions will consistently meet or exceed the number of pages printed per cartridge versus OEM cartridges using identical performance tests and benchmarks.

Why should I buy a cartridge that contains some new and recycled materials versus an entirely “newly manufactured” cartridge?

Not all “newly manufactured” cartridge are truly that. Even some OEM products contain recycled materials. This use of recycled materials determines neither the quality nor the performance of the product. Those are determined by the design of the product, the quality of the parts used in manufacturing the product, the process of manufacturing the product, and the quality assurance testing. At Hoboken Tech Solutions, we strive to bring you the best of all of those so that you can feel comfortable with every ink and toner cartridge purchase that you make.